Speidel Family Genealogy

Records: Social Security Death Index (SSDI)

The Social Security Death Index is an interactive search engine sponsored by RootsWeb. It lists the name, birth date, death date, social security number and state of SSN issue for individuals who applied for social security in the United States and who have since died. It may list the last residence of the individual. It also includes links to a form letter to request a copy of the individual's social security application, a "Post It" feature used to leave notes about the individual and an Ancestry.com search feature. These records are updated once a month with updates from the US Social Security Department.

For more information on the SSDI, please visit RootsWeb's Guide to Using the SSDI

Name Aug 01, 2002 Aug 01, 2004
Speidel 561  587 
Speidell 42  45 
Speitel 40  41 
Spidel 144  149 
Spidell 187  201 
Spidle 301  327 
Spydell 19  19 
Speidel using Soundex 5818  6131