Speidel Family Genealogy


  Lyle E. Spidle Family
  Elmer Spidle Family c. 1908
  Elmer Spidle Family c. 1930
  Henry Spidel
  Henry Spidel & Daughters
  Speidel Watchband Family
  Will Speidel
  Delilah Spidel
  Andreaus Frederick Speidel
  Abner Spidel
  Arie Spidel
  Arie Spidel and Children
  Lora Anne Spidel
  John Baptist Speidel
  Otis Ert Spidel
  Samuel Sylvester Spidel
  Sidney Merlin Spidell
  George Albert Spidel
  Simeon Spidel
  John Spidel

  Spidel Road
  Spidle Hall, AL
  Speidel Building, OH
  Speidel Home, Lunenburg
  Speidel House Bed & Breakfast
  Speidelsberg in Weil der Stadt
  Speidel, Belmont, OH


   Martin Luther Church Cem.
   Adolf Speitel
   Ernst Speitel

United States

   Modesto, Stanislaus Co.
   Masonic Cemetery
   Amanda Spidel

   Piatt Co.
   East Frantz Cemetery
   Caroline Spidel

   Adams Corner, Wabash Co.
   Spidle Cemetery
   Abner Spidle
   Lora A. Spidle Chaffee
   Caroline Spidle Fox

   Adams Corner Cemetery
   Otis Spidel

   Perry Co.
   German Ridge Cemetery
   Friedrich Speidel
   Katharina Lenz Speidel
   Karl Speidel

   Pyrmont, Carroll Co.
   Pyrmont Cemetery
   Emma Spidel
   Henry Spidel
   Mildred Mary Spidel

   Monitor, Tippecanoe Co.
   Zion Cemetery
   Elmer Spidel

   Deer Ridge, Lewis Co.
   Deer Ridge Cemetery
   Benjamin F. Spidle
   George. Spidle
   Jerome Spidle

   LaBelle, Lewis Co.
   LaBelle Cemetery
   George W. Spidle
   John W. Spidle
   Thomas S. Spidle
   William H. Spidle

   Midway, Lewis Co.
   Midway Cemetery
   Catherine Spidle
   William F. Spidle

   Darke Co.
   Greenville Cemetery
   Abraham Spidel
   Joseph W. Spidel

   Jacob Spidel
   Mildred Spidel Wright
   Wilbur D. Spidel

   Newcomer Cemetery
   Aron Spidel
   David Spidel

   Gettysburg Cemetery
   Daniel Spidel
   Daniel Spidel Family
   David Spidel
   John Spidel
   John Spidel Family
   John W. Spidel
   John W. Spidel Family
   Sarah Spidel

   Montgomery Co.
   Bear Creak Cemetery
   Charles Spidel

   Trissel Cemetery
   Earnest Spidel
   William H. Spidel

   Woodland Cemetery
   Sylvester Spidel
   Gorden Spidel

   Mollie Spidell

   Charles Speidel
   Harry Speidel
   William Speidel

   Hummelstown, Dauphin Co.
   Zion Evang. Luth. Church Cem.
   Samuel Spidel

   Hummelstown Cemetery
   John G. Spidle Family
   Samuel Spidle Family

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