Speidel Family Genealogy

Records: Land Patents

This page lists Land Patents issued to Speidel family members in the United States.

For more information on Land Patents, or to obtain a copy of a Land Patent for one of the above listings, visit the Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records Site
Patentee Name State County/Parish Issue Date District Land Office
SPEIDEL, A MT Big Horn 04/24/1917 Billings
SPEIDEL, CHRISTIAN MT Garfield 07/30/1917 Miles City
SPEIDEL, CHRISTIAN ND Logan 06/29/1907 Montana State Office
SPEIDEL, CHRISTINA F CA Placer 09/15/1891 Assigned For Automation
SPEIDEL, DAVID S WY Natrona 07/29/1920 Douglas
SPEIDEL, DAVID S CA Placer 03/20/1877 Assigned For Automation
SPEIDEL, ETHEL MAY CA San Bernardino 12/04/1958 Los Angeles
SPEIDEL, EVA MT Garfield 07/30/1917 Miles City
SPEIDEL, FRIEDRICH ND Mcintosh 08/30/1917 Bismarck
SPEIDEL, FRIEDRICH ND Logan 05/01/1912 Bismarck
SPEIDEL, GEORGE ND Spencer 12/10/1841 Montana State Office
SPEIDEL, GEORGE IN Prairie 05/26/1905 Vincennes
SPEIDEL, GOTTLIEB MT Prairie 09/10/1917 Miles City
SPEIDEL, JACOB ND Mcintosh 05/23/1933 Bismarck
SPEIDEL, JACOB MT Garfield 02/10/1921 Miles City
SPEIDEL, JACOB NM Union 03/09/1914 Clayton
SPEIDEL, JACOB W NM Quay 04/06/1914 Tucumcari
SPEIDEL, JOHANN ND Mcintosh 03/01/1904 Montana State Office
SPEIDEL, JOSEPH CA Nevada 05/31/1894 Assigned For Automation
SPEIDEL, MARGARETHA ND Mcintosh 03/17/1904 Montana State Office
SPEIDEL, MICHAEL SD Gregory 09/26/1902 Montana State Office
SPEIDEL, PHILLIP F CA Placer 09/15/1891 Assigned For Automation
SPEIDEL, RUDOLF ND Renville 09/24/1903 Montana State Office
SPEIDEL, THOMAS J NM Curry 03/09/1911 Tucumcari
SPEIDEL, VIRGINIA MATHILDA CA Los Angeles 12/13/1956 Los Angeles
SPEIDEL, WILLIAM ND Mercer 09/06/1910 Bismarck
SPEIDELL, GEORGE R SD Haakon 06/24/1909 Pierre
SPIDAHL, OLE MT Garfield 06/23/1916 Lewistown
SPIDAL, JOHN ND Burleigh 03/17/1910 Bismarck
SPIDEL, ANNA E ND Towner 05/02/1905 Montana State Office
SPIDEL, DAVID CO Otero 08/20/1919 Pueblo
SPIDEL, GOTTLIEB ND Dickey 01/21/1909 Fargo
SPIDEL, JOHN IN Tipton 08/01/1837 Fort Wayne
SPIDEL, JOHN IL Wabash 10/10/1839 Palestine
SPIDEL, WILLIAM MT Musselshell 12/01/1916 Lewistown
SPIDEL, WILLIAM MT Musselshell 09/05/1916 Lewistown
SPIDEL, WILLIAM IL Shelby 02/04/1850 Vandalia
SPIDEL, WILLIAM ND Towner 02/05/1906 Montana State Office
SPIDELL, CHARLES E OR Klamath 05/09/1917 Lakeview
SPIDELL, GEORGE WA Walla Walla 08/17/1895 Walla Walla
SPIDELL, HENRY F ID Minidoka 07/26/1909 Hailey
SPIDELL, HENRY T ID Franklin 08/03/1888 Idaho
SPIDELL, REUBEN R ID Minidoka 11/15/1915 Hailey
SPIDLE, ABRAHAM IN Tipton 03/20/1849 Indianapolis
SPIDLE, ANTHONY OH Ashland 11/14/1833 Wooster
SPIDLE, DAN M OK Beaver 06/26/1915 Woodward
SPIDLE, EDWARD C CO Lincoln 04/05/1913 Hugo
SPIDLE, FREDERICK AL Marengo 03/15/1837 Demopolis
SPIDLE, FREDERICK AL Marengo 09/25/1835 Rapid City
SPIDLE, JACOB OH Ashland 10/20/1827 Wooster
SPIDLE, JACOB OH Ashland 10/01/1839 Wooster
SPIDLE, JACOB AL Greene 09/22/1835 Demopolis
SPIDLE, JACOB OH Stark 10/20/1824 Steubenville
SPIDLE, JACOB AL Marengo 05/15/1837 Demopolis
SPIDLE, JAMES W WI Adams 12/20/1904 Wausau
SPIDLE, JOSEPH IN Fulton 12/28/1850 Winamac
SPIDLE, JOSEPH IN Wells 11/10/1840 Fort Wayne
SPIDLE, MICHAEL OH Stark 11/01/1830 Steubenville
SPIDLE, PHILLIP F MI Lenawee 06/15/1837 Monroe
SPIDLE, WILLIAM OH Ashland 03/06/1829 Wooster
SPIDLE, WILLIAM OH Holmes 06/23/1826 Wooster
SPIDLE, WILLIAM H MO Lewis 03/10/1856 Palmyra
SPIDLIN, GEORGE WA Okanogan 10/21/1922 Waterville
SPIDTEL, VALENTIN ND Cavalier 05/27/1903 Montana State Office