Speidel Family Genealogy

Distribution Maps

    A=60 entries per 100,000
    B=6 to 17 entries per 100,000
    C=2 to 3 entries per 100,000
    D=Less than 2 entries per 100,000

Number of people (families) listed in the German telephone book with surname Speidel is 1,285. Therefore, the number of people with the surname Speidel in Germany today (2004) is about 2,950.

The surname mainly has its origin in southwest Germany, where the Speidel surname is very widespread: district Tübingen with 60 entries per 100,000 followed by the districts Stuttgart with 17 and Karlsruhe with 6 entries per 100,000. In all other 37 German regions Speidel occurs less frequent than 3.7 times in 100,000, which is the German average.

There is no doubt that Southwest Germany is the region where this surname originated.

From the German map and its statistic it seems clear that the district Tübingen is the main region, but the surname may have also originated in some parts of the districts Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. The slightly higher percentage around these three regions are clearly migration patterns. The slightly higher percentage in Northern Germany can not be explained as migration patterns. The name seems to have evolved there, too, but to a lesser extent than in Southwest Germany.

Speidel Distribution Map for Germany (click image for larger map)
    A=Over 100 entries per 100,000
    B=20 to 100 entries per 100,000
    C=10 to 20 entries per 100,000
    D=Less than 10 entries per 100,000

859 out of 1285 Speidel entries are listed in the state Baden-Württemberg (66.8 per cent).

Top counties are Tübingen 139, Zollernalbkreis 110 and Reutlingen 103 (entries per 100,000), followed by counties with definitely less frequent Speidel entries (Biberach 52, Esslingen and Ulm both with 36 entries per 100,000).

342 out of the 1285 German Speidel entries can be found in just three counties (Tübingen, Zollernalbkreis and Reutlingen) - that means (still) 26.6 per cent of all German Speidel are living in an area in which less than 1 per cent of all Germans live. This clearly indicates a preliminary origin of the Speidel surname in these three counties, added by a less widespread origin of the name in a few other areas, like the counties east of the three top counties.
Speidel Distribution Map for Baden  (click image for larger map)
* German maps and analysis provided by Thomas Rüffer

United States
Distribution of names is determined by the names listed in the U.S. telephone directories.

Speidel Distribution Map for United States

Speidel Distribution Map for United States

Speitel Distribution Map for United States

Speitel Distribution Map for United States

Spidell Distribution Map for United States

Spidle Distribution Map for United States

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* US maps from The GENS Project at the University of Genoa in Italy