Speidel Family Genealogy


The Speidel family database currently contains 18 branches with over 7700 family members. The database has been uploaded to WorldConnect in GedCom format so that it can be searched. Information on anyone who was born less than 90 years ago has been removed out of respect for their privacy. Below is a list of the founders of the branches and some brief information on where they lived. Each family number is linked to that family's information on WorldConnect.

  • Family 1 - David Spidel born 12 Feb 1797 and died 26 Sep 1863. Born in Pennsylvania, USA. Lived in possibly Union County, PA then moved family to Montgomery County, Ohio. Descendants lived in Montgomery County, OH, Tippecanoe County, Indiana, La Junta County, Colorado and Modesto County, California.

  • Family 2 - Jacob Speidel born about 1663. Lived in Hardt, Württemberg, Germany. Descendants lived in Wolfschlugen, Württemberg, Germany. In 1850's descendant Andreas Fredrich Speidel moved to the United States. He first lived in Kentucky then in 1860 he was living in German Ridge, Perry County, Indiana.

  • Family 3 - Jacob Spidel's son Hiram was born 3 Jan 1841 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, USA. Hiram later moved to Champaign, Illinois.

  • Family 4 - Veit (Vitus) Speidel born in 1358 at Heidelberg and died 14 Mar 1388. Oldest known Speidel in Württemberg. Descendent Maximilian arrived in USA in 1749 in what was then Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and now Dauphin County, PA. Descendent Johan Jacob arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1751 and was the father of the Lunenberg branch.

  • Family 5 - Hubert Speidel born about 1780 in Grosselfingen, Hohenzollern, Germany. Descendants immigrated to Columbiana County, Ohio, USA.

  • Family 6 - Jacob Speidel born 30 Jun 1818 and died 25 May 1888. Born in Württemberg, Germany and immigrated to Auglaize County, Ohio, USA.

  • Family 7 - George Spidell born in Pennsylvania, USA before 1846. Family later moved to Knox County, Ohio and Shelby County, Illinois.

  • Family 8 - John Spidle born 26 Aug 1820 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, USA and died in Colfax County, Nebraska, USA. Family also lived in Knox County, Illinois.

  • Family 9 - Abraham Spidel born 16 Jan 1827 in Ohio, USA and died 10 Jun 1880 in Darke County, Ohio, USA. Lived for awhile in Indiana, USA.

  • Family 10 - Jacob Martin Spidle born 24 Mar 1833 and died 18 Sep 1885. Lived in Belmont, Sumter County, Alabama, USA. DNA testing points to a relationship between this family and Family 11. Connected to Family 11 through Johann Friderich Speidel.

  • Family 11 - Hans Speidel born about 1534. Lived in Mössingen and Belsen Germany. Some family remained in Germany while some went to Saskatchewan, Canada in 1905 and others to Yamhill County, Oregon, USA and Switzerland. Connected to Family 10 through Johann Friderich Speidel.

  • Family 12 - Daniel A. Spidle born 18 Nov 1835 in Illinois. This family later moved to Daviess County, Missouri.

  • Family 13 - Clark Lee Spidle born 4 Jan 1919. This family lived in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.

  • Family 14 - George Spidle This family lived in Sandusky, Ohio in 1844, then in LaGrange County, Indiana and finally in Grand Traverse County, Michigan.

  • Family 15 - Benedict Speidel was born in Germany in 1814. He came to Baltimore, Maryland, USA in 1832. From there he moved to Wheeling, VA (later to be Wheeling, WV), then to New Lisbon, Ohio and finally back to Wheeling.

  • Family 16 - John Spidel born 25 Oct 1801 in PA, USA. Later moved his family to Adams Corner, Wabash County, IL.

  • Family 17 - J. Michael Speidel born about 1791 in Württemberg. Moved his family to Orange County, New York in 1851.

  • Family 18 - Hubert Speidel born 23 Oct 1832 in Prussia. Moved his family to De Soto, Jefferson County, Missouri in 1855.

  • Family 19 - Elias Speidel born 14 March 1807 in Pennsylvania. His family came to the US from Württemberg in 1804 as part of the George Rapp Colony.