Speidel, Spidle, Spidel
Spidle, Speidle, Speidel
Speidel Family Genealogy

Guild of One-Name Studies First Place 2008

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This Site is dedicated to Speidel Family Genealogy research including Speidel, Speitel, Spidal, Spidel, Spidell, Spidle and other similar surnames matching soundex code S134.

The Speidel Family One-Name Study is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies and strives to collect and share worldwide data concerning the Speidel surname and its variants.

Origin of the Speidel Surname
Speidel is an Alemannic-Suebian (Swabian) and Bavarian word that means wedge.

The specific type of wedge is debated in The Speidel Family by Sidney Merlin Spidell. In the book, two possible meanings are given.

Notable Family Members
 » Veit (Vitus) Speidel
 » Ludwig Speidel
 » Fredrich Speidel, Sr.
 » Merritt C. Speidel
 » Hans Speidel
 » Sidney Merlin Spidell

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Speidel Family Genealogy
Spidle, Speidle, Speidel
Spidal, Spidel
Speidel, Speitel
Speidel Family Genealogy
Speidel Family Genealogy